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Previous Board Members

The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank all the podiatrists who have served on the Board of Podiatry in the past.  Here is a list of podiatrists who have served in recent years.

Ann Farrer, DPM; 2011-2019
o  Patrick Ginney, DPM; 2012-2016
o   Robert Levine, DPM; 2006-2017
o   Vivian Rodes, DPM; 2004-2012
o   Chester A. Nava, Jr., DPM; 2007-2011
o   Charles Tirone, DPM; 2004-2008
o   Peter J. Doll, DPM; 2003-2007 and 2008-2016
o   Stuart A. Naulty, DPM; 1998-2006
o   Paul E. Tipton, DPM; 1988-2004
o   Jess D. Songer, DPM; 1980-1984 and 2000-2004
o   Joseph P. Leone, DPM; 1958-2000
o   Chester A. Nava, Sr., DPM; 1942-1999
o   Shelby T. Powell, DPM; 1986-1994
o   Garry Neltner, DPM; 1976-1980 1995-1998
o   Rupert E. Stivers, DPM; 1970-1995